About The Free Speech Token

It is without a doubt that the right to free speech is an ideology that encourages people to freely express their thoughts and opinions without worrying about reprisal, censorship, or legal repercussions. But it's quite unfortunate that despite living in a highly digitalized world of social interactions, there are some individuals whose voices have been taken away from them.

Good news! The Free Speech Token (1AMD) is here. The first ever human activist token that operates on the BNB smart chain built to provide financial support for those who have been a target of free speech constraints in a highly digitalized world of social interactions. This token came at a time when it is challenging for content creators, activists, groups, and people who have been silenced by the skewed algorithms of the elitist platforms to profit from their work. This is what we aim to put to stop.

We are committed to protecting the foundational right of free speech through decentralized finances. Our primary objective of The Free Speech Token (1AMD) is for it to be used as a primary currency to uphold the right to free speech, support victims of explicit and shadow bans, and eliminate the fear of expression among those who do not adhere to the mob's dominant ideology.

Why not support us, and together we free humans from the reign of the oppressors and create the change our world needs!

Parrhesia is an online crowdfunding platform for those who have suffered from free speech bans. It aims to benefit people and groups that have been the focus of speech repression through fund-raising, which will be paid via 1AMD.

Agora is an online marketplace that enables victims of speech ban to list their products and services for sale to raise money from fans and patrons. 1AMD will be used as the primary form of payment in this marketplace.

Rostra is a social media platform where users may interact, share their thoughts, and convert their postings into nft.

Free Speech Matters

Q3 2022

  • Listing on pancakeswap

  • Listing on CoinMarketCap

  • Listing on CoinGecko

  • 2nd Marketing campaign

  • Parrhesia Demo

  • Listing on a centralized exchange

  • 1st partnership campaign

  • Launching Parrhesia beta version

  • 1st Parrhesia survey

  • Launching Parrhesia 1.0.0

Q4 2022

  • 2nd Parrhesia survey

  • 3rd marketing campaign

  • 1st major centralized exchange listing

Q1 2023

  • 4th marketing campaign

  • 2nd partnership campaign

  • 1st website update and design update

  • 1st whitepaper update and design update

Q2 2023

  • 5th marketing campaign

  • 3rd Parrhesia survey

  • Agora beta version launch

  • 1st Agora survey

Q3 2023

  • Agora 1.0.0 launch

  • 2nd Agora survey

  • 6th marketing campaign

  • 3rd partnership campaign

Q4 2023

  • 3rd Agora survey

  • 7th marketing campaign

  • 2nd website update and design update

  • 2nd whitepaper update and design update

Q1 2024

  • 8th marketing campaign

  • 4th partnership campaign

  • 4th Agora survey

Q2 2024

  • Rostra beta version launch

  • 1st Rostra survey

  • 9th marketing campaign

Q3 2024

  • Rostra 1.0.0 launch

  • 2nd Rostra survey

  • 3rd website update and design change

  • 3rd whitepaper update and design change

  • 10th marketing campaign

  • 5th partnership campaign

Tax : 5%

Why Adopt The Free Speech Token?

Supporting the Free Speech Token is a way to stand up for individuals who have suffered because they dared to express themselves. We know how depressing this could be, which is why we are actively working to develop highly effective services that will revolutionize how freedom of speech is handled. Our initiatives will positively impact those who have been sidelined by expressing their rights and at least give them a sense of optimism and freedom.

Join us in helping the oppressed, and together we make a change!


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is 1amd?

1amd is a token deployed on the Binance Smart Chain. The purpose of the token is to support content creators, influencers and public figures who have been targets of online censorship through the services we provide.

Where can I buy 1amd token?

The token presale will be launched on Pinksale . After the presale is over, the token is going to be listed on Pancakeswap .

What is the benefit of joining the presale?

The main benefit of joining the presale is that you will get the 1amd token at the lowest price with no transaction fee.

How do I participate in the presale?

Once it is announced, you will be able to visit the presale page and connect your wallet and buy the token. Make sure to import it in your wallet by adding the address of the smart contract.